According to official statistics, only 3-8% of visitors manage to leave the casino with a big win, and only a few can hit the jackpot of several million. But in the history of the gambling business, there are people who managed to do this not once, but two whole times. 

Nowadays, reputable online casinos give all the possibilities to win the jackpot. Playing on such gambling platforms as CasinoChan Canada, a customer may meet a bonus program, particularly loyalty points, regular competitions and free spins as well as quick cashout. These conditions considerably increase the probability of winning and make it much easier to win for the second time. We bring to your attention the stories of four gamblers who decided to try their fortune.

Elmer Sherwin: After 70 Life Is Just Beginning

Elmer Sherwin dedicated his life to military aviation. After retiring, the former pilot decided to spend the remaining years on entertainment, so at the age of 76 he went to conquer Las Vegas. 

  • Mr. Sherwin stopped at the Mirage tourist complex and immediately visited the local casino.
  • That evening, Sherwin hit the $ 4.65 million jackpot for the first time. 
  • The former military man spent the entire amount on travel. The lucky pensioner regularly travelled to gamble in casinos.
  • Mr Sherwin’s stubbornness in gambling bore result 16 years after his first win. 

At 92, the bouncy pensioner again caught his luck by the tail. At the Cannery casino in Las Vegas, the pensioner sat down for his favorite Megabucks and hit the jackpot for the second time. More than $ 21 million this time! 

Mrs. X: The Main Thing Is Not to Lose Your Head 

The woman who wished to remain anonymous won the jackpot twice in just one year! It all started with the tourist complex Palace Station in Las Vegas. A sixty-year-old visitor decided to play the “Wheel of Fortune” – and luck smiled at her. A stranger received a check for $ 680,000.

Mrs X spent the resulting winnings not on travel and entertainment, but on gambling. She continued to visit the casino, and a few months later she won a second time. The popular machine made her $ 27 million richer. The sixty-year-old stranger not only received the status of a millionaire but also proved that Fortune loves stubborn and gambling people who do not give up and do not give up.

Kerry Packer: Big Losses, Big Wins

Kerry Packer

Businessman and media mogul Kerry Packer has become popular in the gaming industry for his endless love of casinos. The Australian billionaire often spent weekends at British and American gambling houses.

In 1999, a three-week vacation cost Mr Packer $ 28 million. That is how much he spent on poker tournaments and other card games. The businessman was not upset, because 2 years earlier, in 1997, he won 33 million at the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas. During another London vacation, the billionaire was lucky for the second time, and baccarat brought him over $ 7 million.

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