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We’ve all tried our luck at one time or another with the scratch cards we’ve bought at the grocery shop or supermarket.

The rules of scratch cards

Most people are familiar with the idea of scratch cards, a short-lived diversion that can change our lives forever if we hit that big prize, or at least win us some smaller prize to enrich our lives a little.

These days, scratch cards are starting to diversify and have become more and more popular online, with some operators offering a large library of online scratch card titles to choose from. In the same way that most casinos operate, online scratch cards are games of chance and we cannot influence their outcome in the way that we would, for example, influence the outcome of a game of poker.

When we play scratch cards online, our only objective is exactly the same as if we were playing the same cards physically. Each card has a different objective that must be completed in order to win. This objective may include matching identical symbols and amounts of money, or achieving a certain marker described in the rules.

In our own experience, it is always best to choose a scratch card game that interests us, either because of its theme, or because of the potential winnings and bonuses available. This way you will always know what you need to achieve to win and can help you avoid potential disappointment or confusion about the outcome.

Scratch card strategies

As a ‘game of chance’, it is difficult to develop strategies that work for some games. Online scratch cards are one type of game that falls into this category. However, there are some general rules we can follow to ensure we get the best experience, helping us to increase our potential winnings and helping us to make fewer mistakes when playing online for the first few times.

You should always choose your scratch cards carefully, selecting those with attractive bonuses and good payouts to try to maximise your winnings. When gambling or ‘buying’ an online scratch card, you should always bet as much as you can afford. There is a direct relationship between betting large amounts and the value of the prize available.

Betting high can also affect your gambling in other ways. For example, how about including a progressive jackpot in the game if it exists, of course? In order to include it, we generally have to place the maximum possible bet when we play, but if we win, we will take home a significant jackpot scattered all over the network.

When it comes to online gaming, there can be none more fun than tournaments. Online scratch cards can offer this kind of experience to the player, with winnings dependent on where you place in the tournament and drawn from a cumulative pot, rather than directly related to your overall budget. Have we only superficially scratched your interest with these online scratch cards? Then try one of the following casino games from the list below.

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