Casinos Reopen In British Columbia

British Columbia’s local government announced its business recovery strategy, as the region is preparing to revive business life and come back to normality. The easing of coronavirus restrictions could also mean the reopening of gambling venues in the region. While brick-and-mortar casinos have shut their doors, virtual gambling could be an amazing alternative as they offer an opportunity to play from the comfort of the home. There are a lot of great online gambling establishments. CasinoChan Canada is a good example as it is always happy to welcome both experienced gamblers and complete novices with a wide array of exciting games and lucrative bonuses. It would be pretty hard for land-based casinos to compete with such virtual opponents.

Casinos go under lockdown: when to expect the reopening 

Casinos go under lockdown

Casino lovers in British Columbia have been stripping of visiting land-based gambling halls for more than 365 days so far. All the gambling companies have been closed down as a preventive measure as the coronavirus pandemic started in March 2020. Together with numerous other business ventures, they have stopped their activities since then. 

Last week the British Columbia administration has revealed its recovery strategy. This fact could have an important meaning for the gambling world. According to the document, casinos might open their doors from July 1. However, the exact day is densely dependent on numerous factors such as the number of new cases and the vaccination rates.

Along with gambling ventures, discotheques could also welcome visitors as the government plan also point them out. Nightclubs were closed during the second wave of the coronavirus spread in September 2020. Nevertheless, the reopening of both industries is yet to be announced officially as the authorities hope to observe a reduction in the cases of the dangerous virus and a significant improvement in the vaccination rate. 

Gambling in British Columbia 

British Columbia is frequently considered the most tolerant territory in Canada. With a population of about 5 million, there are thousands of individuals here who can’t imagine their lives without gambling. Actually, there are 36 land-based gambling spots in British Columbia, where you can find more than 13,168 gaming machines and slots. In addition to this type of gaming activity,  546 table games are also available. The smallest bet in gambling halls is 0.01 CAD and the maximum is 500 CAD. 

When it comes to revenue, the entire profit from commercial gambling in this area. was about $2.9 billion in 2014/15, and these numbers continued to grow intensely. In fact, gaming revenue in British Columbia was more notable for the local budget than, for example,  the fuel tax, and income from natural gas and forestry.

Over the recent thirty years, the gaming industry has produced $20 billion in net income to support provincial, community, and philanthropic programs in the province. However, 2020 was a tough year for the gambling world that led to a decrease in profits. 

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