Types of sports betting

This group is made up of single bets, accumulator bets and system bets, which are briefly described below.

Single bets

As the name suggests, these are the simple bets. The user chooses a selection and places his bet on a specific event.

Of course, he can do this as many times as he wishes, but always individually.

Calculating the winnings is very easy: the winnings are calculated by multiplying the amount of money bet by the selected odds. For example, if you bet 10 $s at an odds of 2.00, the gross winnings will be 20 $s and the net winnings will be 10 $s.

Combination bets

This is precisely a combination of single bets: two or more, with a maximum determined by each bookmaker.

The great advantage of this method is that the odds of each selection are multiplied together and lead to a high final odds. At the same time, and as a negative point, the bettor must get all his bets right in order to win.

Combined bets are usually placed on events in which, a priori, there is a clear favourite in advance, as they involve a higher risk than other types of sports betting.

System bets

In this case, the user combines a series of events but has an advantage in relation to the aforementioned combined bets, which is that a mistake does not necessarily result in losing the money invested.

A simple example to explain this converted version of multi betting is the 2/3 System. It consists of choosing three events and opting for two selections in each of them, each selection being a bet in itself.

The amount wagered is divided between the three bets, which means that, in order to make a profit, it is necessary to win on at least two of the three bets.

In this mode, which requires a minimum of three picks and usually a maximum of eight, the winnings increase as the number of bets in the system increases. Of course, the number of bets that must be placed to win also increases.


It is almost impossible to determine which of the three alternatives outlined above is the best. They are strictly different and much depends on the event chosen.

Single bets are the most traditional and do not require much analysis, while system bets are considered ideal for the more cautious and speculative bettors.

Finally, the combination bets are probably the most attractive option in terms of the profits they can deliver in case of success.

In this regard, in the “Articles” section you can access an interesting observation made by Adri├ín, an expert in the field, who alludes to the double-edged sword that constitutes the relationship between the possibility of achieving great profits and the fact that the slightest mistake can bring down the house of cards completely. In the above-mentioned article, Adrian places special emphasis on the non-recommendation of placing overly-heavy combination bets. He suggests never including more than three predictions, even in cases where only events where the favourite is a clear favourite.

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